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Monday, June 08, 2009

Cystic lymphangiomatous hamartoma masquerading as massive ascites.

Cystic lymphangiomatous hamartoma masquerading as massive ascites.
Indian J Pediatr. 2009 May

Parakh A, Dubey AP, Garg A, Khurana N, Aggarwal SK.
Department of Pediatric, Maulana Azad Medical College and Lok Nayak Hospital, New Delhi, India,

We report a 4-year-old boy presenting with a tense massive ascites and large hydrocele. History and physical examination were unremarkable. Routine laboratory studies were normal. Abdominal ultrasonography revealed massive ascites. Contrast CT was suggestive of a large cyst covering the entire peritoneal cavity. At laparotomy, a large cystic tumor was found extending into the scrotum through the left inguinal ring. Histopathologic examination diagnosed the tumor as a cystic lymphangiomatous hemartoma. Although abdominal lymphangiomas are seen in children, but presenting as massive ascites with hydrocele is very rare.


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