Developmental Disorders of the Lymphatics

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Developmental and pathological lymphangiogenesis: from models to human disease

Developmental and pathological lymphangiogenesis: from models to human disease

Histochem Cell Biol. 2008 Oct 23

Maby-El Hajjami H, Petrova TV.
Division of Experimental Oncology, Centre Pluridisciplinaire d'Oncologie, CHUV and University of Lausanne, Ch. des Boveresses 155, 1066, Epalinges, Switzerland.

The lymphatic vascular system, the body's second vascular system present in vertebrates, has emerged in recent years as a crucial player in normal and pathological processes. It participates in the maintenance of normal tissue fluid balance, the immune functions of cellular and antigen trafficking and absorption of fatty acids and lipid-soluble vitamins in the gut. Recent scientific discoveries have highlighted the role of lymphatic system in a number of pathologic conditions, including lymphedema, inflammatory diseases, and tumor metastasis. Development of genetically modified animal models, identification of lymphatic endothelial specific markers and regulators coupled with technological advances such as high-resolution imaging and genome-wide approaches have been instrumental in understanding the major steps controling growth and remodeling of lymphatic vessels. This review highlights the recent insights and developments in the field of lymphatic vascular biology.